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Life On the Farm

A Visit With Friends

Two years ago my interest in goats was sparked --- that was when I met Gloria Scheib, a long time Pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf Goat breeder and fellow herb enthusiast.  She helped me to get started with 2 does, and 2 wethers. I started breeding last year and the herd is growing. We are now up to 17 goats.

In caring for my goats I try to stay as organic as possible.  I use Herbal wormer, also Echinacea for colds. I let them out into the yard once or twice a day to browse.  They love to eat honeysuckle, grass, and (as soon as I turn my back for JUST a MINUTE) my landscape plants.  The goats are well behaved and stay in the yard until I ring a large cast iron bell and they all come running (Dinner!) back into their pens.

I like milking my goats and I raise bottle babies, so the milk is mostly used for the kids.  When not feeding kids, I drink it and bake with it.  Its delicious!

Beginning this year I am testing all the goats for CAE.  I will continue to test annually.

I raise these goats to be wonderful pets. They are fun loving, bring joy and happiness to my life and they will to yours too!


Our Mini Nubians Leah and Tolkien

Suddenly Susan and Indian Style, Nigerian Dwarf does

Domino, a Nigerian dwarf wether and Camelot, a Nigerian Dwarf buck



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